Best QSR / Bar or Restaurant Deployment

ITSU | Pixel Inspiration

As part of a brand new menu launch, Itsu was keen to trial digital menu-boards at their key Holborn site.

Utilising NEC 46” LED screens we created a 3×1 menu-board system with each screen centred on promoting a certain range. Every site uses a dual media player setup with secondary players acting as an auto-failover player in case of a primary player failure, protecting against a site being without business critical menu-boards in case of hardware errors. Centrally controlled content is day-parted to ensure the key times of day have content strategically targeted to customer needs.

To aid in capturing and focussing attention, Pixel built a content overlay for all screens utilising a custom HTML script which allows content creators to add an Itsu butterfly, which will float around and land on specific areas of each screen, determined by pixel coordinates.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Kidzania, Westfield | Beaver Group

Beaver Group was selected by Gourmet Burger Kitchen to provide a bespoke digital menu and order collection solution for their new store at the Kidzania experience in the Westfield Shopping Centre, White City, London.

The digital menu solution integrates with the EPOS system, and provides a simple method for updating a digital collection screen, notifying customers when their order is ready.

The digital menus are connected to live pricing and product information via a custom menu management system, and the staff dynamically manages any busy queues by turning on a “Reduced Menu” option on the iPads.

UpLift Media | Sky & Molson Coors

Sky and Molson Coors developed a hassle free way for licensees to promote sport, events and 3rd party advertising, giving Landlords the ability to drive footfall, dwell time and revenue in a really simple, light-touch way.

Fundamental to ULM’s success is a scalable and high performing solution. The Sky product team custom developed dynamic HTML5 content to maximise advertising display performance and worked with Samsung and Scala R&D teams and Managed Racks to create an integrated Sales Force and Scala Digital Screen advertising network.

ULM technically and commercially delivers both compelling advertising content from well known brands and Landlords themselves.

Best High Street / Mall / Supermarket / Convenience Store or Forecourt Deployment

Lietuvos Draudimas | Signagelive

The digital signage network is being used by the insurance provider to display engaging, high resolution content on a series of ruggedized displays installed in strategic locations in busy shopping malls throughout Lithuania. The digital signage network is intended to stand out against billboards and printed posters by providing busy shoppers with a memorable and engaging experience. Digital signage offers significant advantages over printed advertising, which is labour intensive, time consuming and costly to maintain. The Samsung Smart Signage Platform, powered by Signagelive was selected as the preferred option because of its user friendly qualities, sophisticated advanced scheduling capabilities, the significant cost savings it offers and fast install times – less than 10 weeks from start to finish for the entire project. Hansab was also able to offer wide service network support, ensuring maximum uptime.

Toronto Scotia Plaza | Cineplex Digital Solutions

The project was to enhance the overall look and feel of Scotiabank’s flagship branch with five unique installs and multiple technologies:

  1. Investment Centre Wall with 5×3- 55” LCD screens (15 Screens, 3 channels). Channel 1 plays weather/market data, Channel 2 plays marketing and advertising with a live TV feed, and Channel 3 plays marketing/advertising.
  2. iTrade Centre with State of the art ticker feed with real time market data
  3. Interactive Media Wall (IMW) comprised of 5×7- Christie Microtiles
  4. Brand Wall 1×4-55” Portrait LCD Screens with a focus on Marketing Messaging/Brand Messaging. The 4 channel player can showcase different content on each display.
  5. Social Media Wall Collage of 6×47” LCD Screens that play monitored Scotiabank social

Lloyds Banking Group | Pixel Inspiration

With two of the most recognisable brands on the UK high street in Lloyds Bank and Halifax Bank, LBG wanted to bring a new technological focus to their impressive network of branches. Understanding the complexities of financial products and overcoming buy-in trepidation are two of the key challenges for banking customers and any digital installation would need to impact on these two areas.

We use 46” NEC LED screens to create 1×1, 2×1, 3×1 or 4×1 deployments behind the cashier desk. On top of these, depending on the branch size, we also deploy a range of other solutions including 84” high bright window displays and ultra-narrow bezel video walls.

The back-end of the network has been integrated with the company’s existing asset approval and content management protocols and systems, which means that digital content in branch is managed using the exact same systems and processes as the traditional channels, with Scala creating content automatically from approved assets and instructions. Media players have been integrated with branch audio systems so that music levels automatically adjust based on the visual content.

Best Original Digital Billboard

The Birmingham Media Eyes | Ocean Outdoor

Unique full motion digital out of home activation in Birmingham’s newly regenerated business, transport and retail hub – a seamless integration into the new architecture of Grand Central station and shopping centre. Three uniquely shaped full motion digital screens located above each of the entrances to the station, targeting all footfall in and around the development, with plans to integrate with high speed Wi-Fi and facial recognition technology.

Storm Cromination | Clear Channel UK

Clear Channel UK has recently transformed its iconic Cromwell Road site into Storm Cromination London, which consists of six consecutive 96-sheet screens sold together as a single opportunity and is one of the longest digital Out of Home advertising sites in Europe, spanning a vast 72 metres. The site offers advertisers unrivalled creative opportunities through dynamic digital capabilities and Storm’s signature digital nameplates, allowing for total ownership by brands. The site’s famous special-build elements have been fully retained as part of it transformation. Storm’s Managing Director, Aimee Mckay has said previously “we think transforming the site is the biggest upgrade in UK Out of Home this year. We firmly believe transforming the site to digital while retaining the Cromwell Road’s famous special capabilities means Storm can offer advertisers the most creative space in UK Out of Home media.”

The Salford Arch | JCDecaux

To further transform the Digital Outdoor landscape in Manchester, The Salford Arch was launched on 24th September with partners; Fiat, Sky, Samsung, JD Sports and Orangina.

This purpose-built, digital advertising superstructure was designed in consultation with Salford City Council. In a feat of engineering and late-night road closures, the 18m by 4.5m dual sided screens were lifted across one of Manchester’s busiest arterial junctions – where the M602 becomes Regent Road.

In conjunction with The Trafford Arch and Trafford Tower, The Salford Arch provides advertisers reach and stand out to Manchester commuters.

Best Digital Poster or Street Furniture Implementation

Digital Columns, Union Station, Toronto |  Clear Channel

With the revitalization of Union Station’s new York St. GO Concourse, there was an opportunity to implement state-of-the-art digital ad technology to match the concourse’s open space concept of light stone and glass, as well as captivate the 250,000+ GO commuters it services.

The Digital Column Network was the solution to this – consisting of six 360° LED screens strategically built into the design concept with full motion and static digital capabilities. Advertisers are granted the ability to create engaging and dynamic brand content, while travellers can catch a glimpse on-the-go or view the spectacle as they wait for their train.

Edinburgh Digital Bus Shelters | JCDecaux

As the trusted media partner of Edinburgh City Council in a heritage city, JCDecaux installed 12 new digital bus shelters (23 digital screens) across Princes Street.

Designed by Sir Norman Foster, the new digital bus shelters comprise of 84” screens, the biggest of their kind, which are synchronised by line of sight. Edinburgh is the first major UK city to benefit from this size screen across the Roadside environment and has carried advertisers such as Sky, Burberry and Warner Brothers. In the heart of the 6th ranked UK Retail Zone, the bus shelters give brands access to the £1 billion annual retail spend in Edinburgh (CACI, 2015).

The Loop, Birmingham | Signature Outdoor

Birmingham’s newest media channel. Twelve new digital locations within the pedestrian core, over 20 screens positioned to influence throughout Birmingham’s regenerated city centre

Merging the Out of Home broadcast position with the latest technology, The Loop delivers uninterrupted and un-missable advertising to Birmingham with the opportunity for brands to deliver a deeper emotional connection with consumers through a bespoke campaign.

Best Stadium / Office Building / Corporate / Hotel, Hospitality or Leisure Install

hub by Premier Inn | Beaver Group

hub is a new hotel brand with its first opening in London’s Theatre District. Looking to enhance the guests’ stay, PI required a suite of digital solutions that would strengthen the customer experience and reinforce their contemporary brand.

Beaver Group has installed a Scala Driven 1 x 11 Christie Microtile wall above a glass map which also incorporates a Through Glass 32” multipoint touchscreen running a set of Android Apps  with a custom interface designed by Beaver Group. These apps are mirrored on wall mounted Bounce Pads enclosing Galaxy Tab III’s

Guests are also kept informed in the lifts by a 42” LCD panel running Scala and showing white on black messages through Schott Mirona Glass. Corporate Install |

After doubling the office square footage, our need for smart digital signage doubled too!  We installed a total of 62 Samsung commercial displays throughout our headquarters.  Four of these are 75-inch displays that create a large video wall of customer feedback known as ‘The Voice’.  The remaining displays are hung throughout the call centre rotating internal communications, employee leaderboard stats and phone system stats.  Each display utilizes a SignageLive license, our digital signage SaaS of choice. This implementation assists our data-driven and people-powered company culture and helps keep employees informed, inspired and connected.

DNB Banking | ATEA

Scala is at the core of a country-wide corporate communications deployment at DNB, Norway’s biggest bank.

At the brand new Oslo and Bergen headquarters, over 265 screens deliver information to over 6,000 DNB employees. Screens are located in reception areas, elevator areas, departments and social areas in both buildings.

The solution enables the bank to display targeted content to specific areas and fulfils a crucial internal communication role while also addressing environmental concerns around the printing of hard copy materials.

DNB worked in partnership with Norwegian design house Snøhetta, with technical help from Anti, Scala and its local partner ATEA.

Best Digital Out of Home Campaign

Women’s Aid | Ocean Outdoor

In a world first for digital out of home, Ocean, Women’s Aid and WCRS collaborated on an interactive campaign that showed how we can all make tangible changes in the fight against domestic violence.

For the first time the attention of people looking at the digital screens triggered an immediate change in the creative, maximising the message for the charity. In delivering this campaign Ocean are first organisation to utilise the gaze tracking element of the system to trigger or superimpose content for live playback in real time on the screens.

The campaign premiered on Thursday, March 5th at The Screen @ Canary Wharf in London and rolled out to the The Screen @ New Street in Birmingham and Eat Street @ Westfield London on March 7th and 8th – all to coincide with International Women’s Day. The initiative was also supported on Channel 4 with a specially introduced 30-second prime time TV spot designed to amplify the message during the centre break of brand new drama Indian Summers on Sunday, March 8th.

Capital Radio ‘Playing Now…’ | Outdoor Plus

“PLAYING NOW…”was an innovative & engaging Digital OOH campaign, which lets commuters know which song is playing on 95.8 Capital FM in absolute real-time

Using the latest cloud-based software, a dynamic feed linked directly to Global’s studios to broadcast live updates of the track that was ‘Now Playing’ on Capital.

The campaign was scheduled to run during peak times, with live feeds from the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon, mid-mornings with Pandora and drive-time with Greg Burns. This is when traffic dwell times are at their highest allowing Capital to reach millions of potential listeners.

The campaign ran across 14 of Outdoor Plus’ iconic digital screens and the copy changed every time a new song played.

 Lucozade Energy ‘Find Your Flow’ | Primesight

Lucozade’s Find Your Flow was one of the biggest campaigns this year, targeting a wide audience of ‘everyday strivers’ with a combination of TV, radio and OOH.

Primesight established the idea of synchronising Lucozade’s radio schedule spot times, which were running adjacent to traffic bulletins on all major radio groups, with our portfolio of national digital roadside panels. This created a unique, emotive and engaging experience for drivers in need of a Lucozade Energy boost with bright and colourful, yet very clear creative.

As soon as the Lucozade radio ad played during a commuter’s journey, the digital outdoor panels seamlessly switched to a full domination ad for Lucozade to create a multi-sensory, targeted experience for drivers.

Research showed that 79% of our target audience saw and heard the OOH and radio campaign, of which 63% were likely to consider purchasing Lucozade Energy as a result of being exposed to the campaign.

Best Interactive Campaign

#message2london | Outdoor Plus

In an age where so many messages are communicated through private channels, notably social media, how do we demonstrate that Iconic Digital Out of Home is the ultimate public platform?

Outdoor Plus created an alternative “tweet on the street” to demonstrate that Iconic Digital Out of Home is both effective & a must have for advertisers looking to drive awareness and brand fame.  Using a simple, yet bold artwork template with a Neon typeface to ensure stand-out. Importantly the campaign was brand and category neutral and previously unseen, so could be researched impartially.

Via a teaser campaign, Outdoor Plus invited celebrities to deliver their own personal message to the streets of London in 10 words or less.  No agents, no fees. Those celebrities that engaged were genuinely thrilled with the opportunity to deliver a #message2london in such a public way.

Heathrow Express Journey Comparison Generator |

Heathrow Express challenged to inform customers with contextually relevant information, to a multi-lingual audience, to prove that choosing the rail network is cheaper, faster and more reliable with the varying conditions of using the road network for your onward journey into central London. The three barriers to using Heathrow Express are: other modes are more direct; it’s expensive and not good value for money.

By harnessing 6 different sources of real-time data into one place, we targeted this important decision making moment, The world’s first live onward travel information screen, targeted multi-lingual information, to those arriving from 84 countries with a product specific solution, as we crossed the boundary from Advert, to a deeper sense of trust with information based advertising.

Disney ‘Star Wars’ Game In Cinema Foyers | Primesight

To promote the new episodes showing on the Disney Channel, Primesight suggested 20 of its digital 6 sheets in cinemas (based on highest footfall in the UK) to host an interactive campaign during nine days in February Half Term. We partnered with OMD UK, Raw Creative and Talon to create our most successful interactive campaign to date allowing Disney’s youth audience to try out an exciting gaming experience generating interest in Star Wars Rebels new episodes in a period of exceptionally high cinema admissions.

The interactive creative demonstrated familiar as well as new Star Wars characters to prompt curiosity and enthusiasm in children. The game invited them to spot as many Stormtroopers as quickly as possible in the half minute given.

Best Overall Retail or Mall Experience

Moscow’s Central Children’s Store Installation | Net Display Systems

The re-opening of the popular Moscow’s Central Children’s Store resulted in a magical wonderland where young and old are amazed and entertained in every single space they visit.

By selecting PADS4 digital signage software they have met the requirements to create a shopping experience that is both dynamic and interactive. Also, the system is able to respond instantly to changing themes and seasons.

The digital signage solution includes nothing less than 600 screens, 200 players and more than 30 video walls. All content for the interactive zones, digital navigation and infomercial displays throughout the 73,000 square meters are centrally managed with PADS4.

Emagine Palladium Theatre Lobby | Christie Experiential Networks

Emagine Entertainment’s recently opened Emagine Palladium theatre in Birmingham, Michigan offers stadium-style auditoriums with huge screens and the latest in digital cinema and sound. It offers VIP membership opportunities, priority seating, a full service bar, and in-theatre dining – all in an exceptionally comfortable and intimate environment.

Part of CEN’s nationwide roll-out that is on track for 200 theatre lobbies in North America this year, the wide array of innovative solutions includes three “digital posters”, including interactive Christie FHD651-series 65” LCD panels; a “hero wall” composed of eight 55” screens in a herringbone pattern; and a video strip composed of eight 40” LCD screens.

The Christie Experiential Network is the first fully-integrated, digital-out-of-home advertising network that gives brands and studios access to a truly innovative visual platform to connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Battersea Dogs Home Campaign At Westfield Stratford | Exterion Media

To help Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with their continued mission to rehome its dogs, Exterion Media used RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology combined with interconnected digital billboards to create a ‘stray’ dog that would follow the target audience around Westfield Stratford.

Leaflets with RFID tags were handed out to shoppers. The leaflets triggered a ‘stray’ dog to appear on digital screens as the target passed them. Code was written to ensure that the correct video was served according to various factors; for example, the direction the person was passing, if they’d passed it more than once, how many screens they’d passed etc. to create a truly tailored experience. The innovative and emotionally engaging campaign drove audiences to the microsite and #LookingForYou Twitter feed, which was kept updated with homeless dogs.

Best Transport Install or Campaign

Eurostar St Pancras | Signagelive

The digital signage solution comprises more than 60 commercial grade AV screens, ranging in size from 22“ to 55”. These have been installed in ticket offices, on concourse and in the Business Premier lounge to display a variety of content types and formats, including promotional videos about Eurostar destinations, wayfinding, check-in information, and real-time travel updates. The new solution includes a Samsung video wall at St Pancras International comprising 12 x 55” screens in landscape configuration, to deliver a 1080 x 23040 pixel digital canvas. The individual screens, which are managed using Signagelive technology, have been fully synchronised on the local area networks to display high definition content about key destinations and passenger experiences at different European cities, creating a seamless and stunning visual experience.

#HelloGEO Campaign | Verifone Media

#HelloGEO, a self-branded campaign by Verifone Media across their DigitalTops Network launched earlier this year. The aim was to fully showcase the incredible flexibility that the DigitalTops serve on geo-targeting, and day-part messaging and report back to the industry with findings.

The two month campaign ran across 39 geo-zones in London’s Zones 1-3, with a creative that said ‘Hello’ to the specific area, landmark or street that the screens were visible in or in close proximity too. Each zone also had day-parted creatives: saying Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening. The incorporation of the hashtag encouraged social media interaction extending the reach of the campaign. With lots of results gathered, Verifone Media translated this into a travelling tour around presenting to media specialists and creating #HelloGEO info walls. Also creating various packs to identify segmented groups that DigitalTops would be able to effectively target in particular areas at specific times of the day.

Curved Screen, London Stansted Airport | NanoLumens

Said to be the largest investment in UK Airport advertising this decade, a 12-meter NanoLumens NanoCurve solution was installed in Stansted Airport, offering bold new digital opportunities for advertisers while providing more than 20-million airport patrons flight information and airport updates each year.

Modernizing the Stansted Airport, the massive passenger-engagement solution is the first curved display installed at any airport in the UK. The brightness and sheer size of the solution makes it easy for travellers to quickly find their flight information, while advertisers can display their messaging.

Most Innovative Use of Technology

Dot Matrix Screens | TfL,  ITV

Transport for London and ITV teamed up to bring London commuters live news and updates from the Rugby World Cup 2015.

The partnership ensured that customers did not miss out on the action as live news, results and score updates were streamed across the Tube and DLR networks over the full six weeks of competition. The information was available on the digital information boards at the entrances of all stations and on platforms across 180 London Underground and DLR stations.

It cemented ITV as the official broadcaster of the competition and reinforced their position of delivering sports news and updates through fast and innovative channels.

The partnership was done directly between TfL and ITV. ITV used The Promotions Factory (tpf) as their agency to evaluate and deliver the content

Beacon Technology on Buses | Proxama and Exterion Media

A collaboration between Proxama PLC and Exterion Media, uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology to target passengers’ via their mobile as they travel.

Initially launched on 110 buses in Norwich, brands can utilise the beacon network to deliver highly contextualised in-app push messages to consumers’ mobiles whilst in periods of high dwell. When used in conjunction with OOH advertising, it presents an effective marketing channel for brands to prompt an immediate consumer action and gain invaluable metrics on consumer behaviour and advertising ROI.

The rollout in Norwich for brand Loka saw a 30% click-through rate, which is much higher than other forms of mobile marketing. Following this success, Exterion Media have partnered with Proxama to deploy beacon technology on 500 buses throughout London.

DAMOC Cooler | Focal Media, Signagelive

Focal Media’s DAMOC Cooler solution, based on LCD transparent displays from LG, gives beverage companies and pub landlords/managers an innovative new way to transform refrigerator doors into engaging digital signage and entertainment platforms. Eye catching content can be displayed on the doors of glass froster and bottle refrigerators for promotional purposes, raising brand awareness and ultimately increasing overall sales.